Man and animal

A time machine about an everlasting theme

This part of the museum is accommodated in the stables of Steede Hoge Woerd. Amid large farm animals and small domestic pets is an exciting installation where you can discover the evolution of the relationship between humans and animals from prehistory to the present day. Animals could be your best friend – or your most fearsome enemy! Often, the animals people kept were living symbols of their status. And, of course, over the centuries, animals have been used for the production of meat, wool, leather, milk and eggs.

This part of the museum centres around five topics: animals as a source of food and materials, as agents and instruments, as bearers of disease and other afflictions, as companions and status symbols and in superstition and magic. In a series of engaging animations, this interactive exhibit covers every facet of the human-animal relationship, compiling a trove of knowledge largely excavated right here in Leidsche Rijn.