Windows onto the fort

A 3D-dive into the Roman past

Castellum Hoge Woerd is a modern-day, full-scale recreation of the Roman fort that stood in this very spot in the period between around 40 and 400 AD. The fortification walls, walkways, bathing complex and river course are all sited just as they were originally. This alone enables Hoge Woerd to offer an unparalleled experience of the size and scale of a Roman castellum and all its features.

To complete the experience, we have set up 3D ‘windows in time’ in all of the gatehouse towers. Each one spotlights a particular topic, such as bathing, shipping, the camp village, and cemeteries and shrines. Display cases presenting local finds, many unearthed in that very spot, illustrate the narrative. Together, the archaeological finds, time windows and visualisations help to make life in a garrison town at the far reaches of the Roman Empire come alive.