Outpost of the Castellum

Overlooking the entrance to the site is a reconstruction of the Roman watchtower dug up in Leidsche Rijn in 2002. Its discovery made headlines at the time, this being the best preserved timber watchtower ever found. The corner posts survived up to a metre high and the floor was still littered with food scraps and broken housewares left by the guardsmen! These remains have made it possible for archaeologists to piece together a detailed picture of life in this watchtower.

The built reconstruction is based on knowledge of the original tower excavated in 2002, supplemented with information from the Trajan’s Column in Rome, which depicts a series of watchtowers along the Danube. Outside the tower are information panels; inside are replicas of Roman household items. There is also an audio drama whisking you back in time to life at a small guard post along the Roman border, or limes, in the Rhine delta.

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